Sunday, November 30, 2008

Study Break!

Well, I really shouldn't need a break. Seeing as how I have only studied for two hours all weekend. ha! Regardless, I finished one study session, the girls just left and we got a lot done! I am taking a little break and then moving on to write my reports. Promise.

Thanksgiving weekend has been great! I am so sad it has to end and finals have to begin. At least it is officially Christmas Season! I will be listening to Christmas music non-stop from here on out. For now here are some pictures of my weekend. Enjoy!
The sister and I at thanksgiving dinner.

Crafty cousins: Autumn and Winter..oh the things we do at family gatherings.

We went to Villa Montalvo and wandered around...

There are beautiful statues! Here is Zachary with the sphyinx

Communicative Disorders Tree: I helped my client's make an ornament for the tree! #342. It took a while to find it!

My boyfriend by the monsters inc tree! Such cute creative tree decorating ideas.

Zach and I went to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk....

and the municipal wharf

there were a ton of sea lions! so cute, and loud!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Thanksgiving is coming! I have a few random pictures to share. First, I got this today at my clinic: It's a name tag! For some reason, this little name tag made everything more real. haha. I mean I have been in school for the past 15 weeks but this little tag has my name engraved it's real!! haha
Second: This is a picture of the decorations I put up in my bedroom. That big blue wall was boring, soo I added some snowflakes to liven it up! I also have some window stickers on my floor to ceiling mirrors! Winterwonderland! Complete with peppermint vanilla scent (yay for the candle warmer! safe and smells good)

Lastly: This little bugger has been totally making me procrastinate!! Watch him for yourself.
He runs back and forth across the street all day, everyday. He lives across the street. He comes bounding to our oak tree and gathers the acorns and then he bounds back across the street again. Only to repeat the pattern about every three minutes! It is soo amusing to watch, but keeps me from doing my homework! I need to give him a name....ideas?

Friday, November 21, 2008

And the lion fell in love with the lamb. Stupid Lamb.

My sister and I went to the midnight showing of Twilight last night. I have read all four books and loved every single one of them. The books are purely romantic, science fiction and action all in one. Due to the fact I loved the books so much I really did not get my hopes up for the movie. Books to me will never be the same as movies. People need to figure that out! They are two different mediums of art. (this is a whole different rant..) So, I went under the pretense that I would go and hopefully see something entertaining.

A nice guy gave us seats so we could sit together! Yay!

Regardless, I thought the movie was great! I want to see it over and over again. Talk about man candy, Robert Pattinson!! *fans self* Even if you think the stories and the movie were crap, you cannot deny the fact that Rob Pattinson is dreamy to say the very least.

Good things:
-Great cast! All the vampires were how I pictured them in the book!
-Rob Pattinson (duh, his face, his clothes, his voice etc.... *swoon*)
-The scenery was beautiful, rainy, moist, forest, beach and even the houses.
-The soundtrack, a mix of classical and alt. rock.
-I really didn't like Bella in the previews. However, after watching the movie I don't think they could have picked anyone else! She was great.
-The baseball scene was awesome and I hate baseball.
-It was entertaining. Even though I knew what happened I was still on the edge of my seat wanting more.
-It's a classic romantic movie!
-The ending alone beautiful.

Bad things:
-special effects were a bit weird. The running was fine, but some of it was cheesy and could have been done much better.
-it was a bit darker mood than the books, not as much back and forth between Bella and Edward, not as cutesy I guess.
-It was too short! They had to mush a lot of the book together, which kinda made the attraction seem less intense.
-Much of the movie felt a bit rushed. I guess I would have to ask someone who hasn't read the books for their opinion.

So bottom line, don't go into this movie expecting something crazy out of the ordinary. It's meant to be a beautiful love story that keeps you entertained. I loved the movie and had a ton of fun. Edward Cullen should be the model that every man follows, the world would be filled with chivalry and romance. ;) haha.

Here are some pictures of the evening:
My sister has the coolest ideas. Her twilight shirt front= "Team Edward" and the back "Bite me" she did it all herself! The lips are my favorite!

The cover of breaking dawn has chess pieces...we found some to play with!

King and Queen were made for each other *smooch*

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clair De Lune.....

Is a beautiful classical song that I cannot get enough of right now. Probably because it is in Twilight! I have pictures of my pumpkin and my finished Twilight shirt!
First up are the artsy shots of the finished t-shirt. (Yes, I made it, more detailed pictures are in previous posts.) I will take more at the actually midnight showing these were in my room! "Edward Cullen, sexier than you since 1901"

Back: Because real men sparkle"

And this my friends is my finished glow in the dark pumpkin cross stitch. Not sure what to do with it yet. Any suggestions? I will try to take a glowing picture later!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rose Colored lenses?

Well, it looks as if I am wearing red contacts or something anyway. I have a wonderful case of pink eye to go along with my sinus infection. I am patiently waiting for the pharmacy to call me so I can pick up my medication. Which is taking forever. *sigh* I just want to get better. I am getting bored. I shouldn't be bored. The laundry list of things I have to finish before finals is quite scary looking.

Yet, I somehow managed to read the last Twilight book- Breaking Dawn in less than 3 days. It's around 760 pages and amazing. I also finished my Halloween pumpkin cross-stitch. I was so excited that my project is glow in the dark, I had to show everyone. In the process he got lost somewhere in my house. ha. I also began working on my long lost table runner from two years ago! :) It's almost done. I will post pictures soon!

I need to study for my Reserach exam tomorrow! I am having trouble though, it is the last exam of the semester. I have also heard it is impossible to study for and to just not worry about it. All that is left after this are projects, which is good and bad for various reasons. So I need to find some motivation today to get some studying done. I don't want to be totally clueless, however I am finding that not feeling very good makes focusing difficult. Oh well!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taste of Freedom

Having a taste of what life used to be like before graduate school was not a good idea. Who decided having a Tuesday off was smart? I took the whole day and devoted it to shopping, crafting and watching childish movies. Now I am back in the real world and hating it! Finals are coming up, this is the last push before my break! It is starting to be very laboring to get anything done. I just need to get through this week, and then worry about my homework plans for the weekend. My poor little printer needs a rest....

I am going ice skating tomorrow!! :) Yipee. *does a twirl* which is something I can't do on the ice...ha! It will be fun, and a much needed break from this scholastic stuff.

In crafty news, I finished my halloween pumpkin cross-stitch. He is outlined in glow-in-the-dark! Pictures up tonight after this nasty research class, that is sucking the life out of me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Puppies!!

A friend of mine had this link on his facebook. When you are having a bad day, talk about making it all better! How cute are these little puppies! I could watch them all day!
Check out this ustream Show: Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

click on link or go here:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Red Delicious

Reasons why I crafted today:
-I stayed out late last night dancing with my friends, thus I am tired
-It's rather nasty outside, in fact it just started to rain.
- I do not feel like doing any homework or studying
-I have 8 more episodes of gossip girl to watch.
Thus here is an update of my Twilight shirt. My sister and I bought tickets for the midnight showing!! Woo hoo!

Again, I did this all with puff-paint and a paint brush. I love the apple!!!!

All that is left is the back of the shirt! Which I think will be my favorite part.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Making History

I voted. I helped change history, and this country. I think country wide there is just postive engery in the air. It's electric, can you feel it?

Now to wait and see what changes are coming our way. It should be an interesting next four years.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let the countdowns begin!

1st countdown= 20 days until Twilight premires in theaters. I love the Twilight series. I have not yet read the 4th book. *shh don't tell me what happens!* In celebration and in regards to stealing my sister's awesome ideas, here is my latest project: My sister is amazing at coming up with t-shirt designs, painting etc. I am not to slogan savvy and needed an easier way out!
1. I found a saying I enjoyed on the internet
2. Typed it into Microsoft Word and font I thought was cool!
3. I printed out my saying and cut it up.
4. I put graphite the back of the paper by rubbing a pencil across, hard.
5. Place your print with the graphite side touching the t-shirt and printed side up and trace over the letters with a pen.
6. Lift the picture and your design should be transferred onto the t-shirt! (works better with white or grey, black is hard to see!)
7. I then used puffy-paints and painted (with a brush) onto the t-shirt. Takes a couple of layers for it to stand out!(i used a brush because the puffy-paint bottles are hard to control!)
8. Let dry over night and then wear your awesome, new, one-of-a-kind t-shirt!

It is not nearly done yet, but I liked the look of "Edward Cullen" all alone, looks ominous, doesn't it? I have a ton of school projects this week. After thursday I will hopefully have more time to spend on finishing this shirt and my cross-stitching!

2nd countdown= 46 days until my first semester of graduate school is over and my 5 week winter break begins!

3rd countdown= 59 days until New Year's Eve and 11 days in beautiful San Diego!