Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here's to the new things! Cheers!

I have had one amazing weekend. Nothing that exciting happened I was just completely at peace with the world. I am rested, and sincerely happy.

My boyfriend suprised me with a .25 carat diamond necklace for my 23rd birthday!

I also bought a new bettafish and named him Fitzwilliam after Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice. (yeah, that's another obsession of mine!)
Here he is:

Back to why I really made this blog to show off my cool projects!
First is a pin cushion that I found on that girl makes some cool stuff! So here is my spin on it:
The pin cushion is all felt and the flowers were cut with a die-cut machine so it was pretty easy! I also bought some cute colors straight pins to put in it! :) I am such a nerd.

Here is a non-sewing related project I made for my room! They are huge die-cut letters. They are made from scrapbook paper and of course some glitter! I put them up with a tiny nail over my closet. I love them! And it was time for my sorority paddles to come down anyways....

Those were my projects for now! Next I am going to be making some save the date cards for a bachelorette party and they are going to be cute!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things my mom makes....

Felt softies:
My mom and I looked on the internet for these things! It is so much fun to make your own stuffed animals. Felt is 10 cents a square at the fabric store. So my make-up bag below cost 40 cents to make!! (not including the velcro)
here is a great blog where we found most of the ideas:
They are very cheap, easy, fun and fast to make!

Here is my mom's take on butterflies! They are pins to wear and she wore them on Easter. She made both in a matter of hours.

She made some bunnies and chicks too but I couldn't get a good picture yesterday!

Coming soon:
pictures of the patch I made that took 3 days to finish.

Make-up Bag

Since I am home visiting my crafty family! I spent my holiday making things! My mom and I are into making felt softies, and then embroidering them.
The first project: a make-up bag that was inspired by my aunt's victoria's secret bag. I made the pattern myself out of printer paper. It is made out of two layers of felt sewn together with a sewing machine. (why i had to make this at home, i still do everything by hand at my place)
here is a picture next to a coffee cup to tell the size.

I used velcro to keep it closed because we didn't want to bother with a zipper.

Finally the fun part, embroidering the border with black! and it's done!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I adore making baby things!

I purchased a blanket at Wal-Mart for about $3.84. I cannot even buy plain fleece for that price! Trust me I checked. So, it's a steal! What else do you expect from Wal-mart!? There after I used Sublime Stitching Patterns because they are easy, fast and cute! This blanket was done in a matter of hours. My fingers hurt afterward but I got it done! And it was given to the mommy in time for the baby to come home from the hospital, yay!

We are all called the lab ladies at work and I made it on behalf of the group. :)

(edit:) I did not embroider the bear it came with him on it! I just did the lettering.

one more picture of my friend's baby with the other blanket i did! she's lookin' up at it!! awww

Friday, March 7, 2008

This is me.

This morning I decided to start scrapbooking my college years. While looking through old pictures I found this picture from about a year ago! My roommate took this picture of me while cross-stitching. haha. This is really how I feel when I stitch and I look hilarious! haha! Enjoy. (pictures of my latest baby clothes to come soon)