Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lord of the Flies

No, not like the book! My Dad! I have dubbed him as the offical, "Lord of the Flies." And by flies I mean fly fishing flies. Father's Day is coming up in June and I knew exactly what to make my Dad!

I read a book to the kids at work. It is called The Three Wishes, and is about a Cat and a Pig that do not get along. A cow fairy comes and gives them 3 wishes. The cat and the pig wish horrible things on each other!! The cat wishes a big ugly fish to sit on the pigs lap.

Here is the fish! I love the underbite, and the way it's shaped. It has soo much character. The floaty thing was my attempt to tie a fly of felt. ha!

Happy Father's Day DAD! And your flies are super cool :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

I was tagged!

Eight things I am passionate about:

1. Crafting! It soothes me in a way I can't even explain! I enjoy making things out of nothing. It's fun!

2. Education- because it is what I want to do with the rest of my life! I want to help countless amounts of people learn to communicate better! Speech Language Pathology here I come!

3. My loved ones. If you get in between me and them! You are going down for sure! I love my family and friends. Of course my boyfriend too! I love being there for people just as much as I enjoy them being there for me!

4. Snails! I grew up with a family of gardeners. Usually gardeners kill the little beasts but for some reason I was sympathetic and feel in love with SNAILS! I collect little figures of them!

5. Glitter! Life just looks better shiny, sparkly, and messy!

6. Nature- I love being outside, walking, sitting, swimming, anything! I love plants, flowers, and one day I am going to have a freaking amazing garden!

7. california- i really do love living here! I haven't seen all that much of the US but thus far nothing compares to home.

8. myself- I am pretty damn cool and i have to be able to take care of me first before anyone else! :)

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1. Copying Ashley. I want to travel. I have never been outside of the country...well if you count TJ as mexico I guess I have left. But I want to go where I have to be on a plane and have a passport!! haha. My top places would be Ireland, Scotland, France, England, Spain and Australia.

2. To get my Master's Degree!! And in two years I will have accomplished that goal! YAY ME!

3. Of course get married! But I will not get married just because I want to be married. I want to be married of all the right reasons!

4. Have kids. Eventually. I plan on being totally prepared financially, mentally and physically to do that. Which will not be happening for quite some time.

5. Something dangerous and totally out of character. Like, bungee jump, sky dive, get a tatoo, or eat something totally nasty. I guess I just need to learn to live on the edge a little bit more. I tend to play it safe and that is not really anyway to live is it!?

6. Make the world a better place by trying hard to recycle and all that jazz that everyone is talking about. GO GREEN!

7. Have tons of FUN!!!!!!!!!!

8. Have no regrets! :) I don't want to be a nasty, crotchety old woman! I want to love everything I have done in my life and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason! So no regrets!

Eight things I say often:

1. like

2. boofer

3. nasty

4. eewwww

5. siiiickkk!

6. glitter!

7. oh good lord!

8. *$&@ !#($ &(#$

Eight books I've read recently:
1. Water for Elephants

2. Sense and Sensibility

3. Northanger abbey (in progress)

4. Pride and Prejudice (in progress)

5. CSET books like 6 of them!

6. Harry Potter the series

7. Three Wishes haha with my kids @ work

8. Frog and Toad with my kids @work

Eight movies I've seen eight times:
I don't think i have seen very many movies eight times so I am just going to put the ones i watch the most

1. pride and prejudice

2. princess diaries for sure more than 8 times

3. the little mermaid

4. ferris buellers day off

5. pirates of the carribean probably all of them

6. indiana jones because dad watches them all the time

7. the lord of the rings (oh elijah wood! so cute)

8. bits of Star Wars a million times.

Eight people who should do this meme:
anyone since i dont know many people on blogger yet!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am a machine.

Check it out! Not my normal craft. I used my graduation stole as a pattern. I used hot glue to hem them!! It is satin fabric and trimmed with thick ribbon. Sewing satin by hand would make horrible pucker marks!! Instead of sewing I used hot glue and it totally worked! How cool is that? I love it! I made the light purple one tonight in like two hours! I rock! Thanks girl for driving up here! I am glad I could make these for you!!! Congratulations on graduating!


The girls are going to add our sorority letters to them! :) it's gonna be cute!! yay!

movin' on up

This has nothing to do with crafting, but I have to post this.

I was accepted to San Jose State University as a Speech Language Pathology Master's Student!!!!!!!!!!

How do you like them apples?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Despite the craziness,

I have been crafting.
A few of my sorority sisters are graduating next week. During our graduation we wear sorority "stoles" or sashes representing the Greek letters and sorority colors. For pride sake. :) I think it's awesome! I loved wearing mine. I should have made my own!! I paid 50+ dollars for mine and the girls have only paid 4 bucks for materials! I enjoy doing it! quite the challenge for the first one! It's made of satin and i stitched it together then hot glued the ribbon edging. i will post another picture of the finished project.

the picture above is me probably trying to iron the ribbon in half!! haha. yay ashley...and btw i had been out in the sun at the pool all day... pretty icky picture! ahah more to come later.

Monday, May 12, 2008

taking a break from crafting, wish it was the other way around.

Although I am still on my break from crafting this week I needed to update my blog. Totaly change in plans, I guess my summer isn't going to be as insane with school as I previously thought. Which is good and bad.

Good because I will have more time to enjoy my summer crafting, being with friends, going to the beach. And more time to do homework! Afterall I do feel like I could use a bit of a break. This past year has been crazy!
Bad in that it is now going to take me longer to get my credentials. I think? Since I am not on "track" to start everything this summer it may take some extra hard work or extra time to get it all done. Maybe it's better this way?

I really could use a really big vacation where I just craft, and sit by the pool with a big margarita. Oh, and make buckets of money while doing it.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!

Yep, I know Mother's Day is not until this weekend. However! I did not think I would get this done in time and I don't think it would ship in enough time either! So here it is!

I saw the girl on an antique redwork pattern online. It reminded me of my mom when she was little! Especially since the girl was wearing mary-janes and my mom had red ones!!! It was originally a winter theme. I thought I would turn it into a more of a spring pattern! I love it, but it needs something else. A bumble bee? A quote? I am not sure!

Mom, what do you think!? Happy Mom's Day I love you lots! Thanks for always being there for me through everything and being my best friend! XOXO!
PS. Here are some other pictures of it in the making!

It is done on a full sheet of blue felt, with layered felt, then sewn with embroidery floss. It took quite a while for all the cutting and sewing but it was FUN!