Thursday, April 24, 2008

Craft update:

I am still working hard on my next project. It's looking super cute! I took someone's design and changed the theme from winter to spring! I am loving it, but still can't decided if I love it enough to continue the work. And I need some light blue sky colored felt. How I don't have that color I don't know? So, I am at a little road block in my project. Maybe to much work for today?
I'm a little burned out from life in general right now. Grad school letters have really been getting me down lately and I had a long icky week at work. I am trying to keep my spirits up by doing things I enjoy. I am soo happy it's the weekend, I really needed a break.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stealth crafting

Now that I have this blog I am obsessed with posting all my projects. I randomly decided to start a project today for someone. I was going to go back to my roots and cross stitch or embroider. However, I realized I love my felt and I would attempt to create this pattern out of felt!! At first I thought I bit off more than I can chew because I actually have a real deadline for this!

I REALLY want to put all the progress I made on here, but I have to refrain. I will just be excited about how freakin' cute it is by myself! And take pictures as I go then post them all when I give the project to the person. Yay. I LOVE IT! So, stay tuned awesome, cute, amazing project coming soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watch out for sleeping piranhas!

To say the very least, I had an awful day at work today. Probably the most difficult parent I have dealt with thus far! However, I handled it and I'm moving on. I had to find a way to forget about my day, so naturally I started crafting. I read a book today to my students that had a funny looking fish with an underbite. I looked up fish with underbite on google. Found a picture of a funny fish I liked and here he is:

It is 10:30pm. Took me about an hour to get it done. I need to put a backing on him and make him a pin so I can wear him to work! I absolutely love it! And if this came out of my bad day at work then I am okay with that. This fish makes me smile, ear to ear.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

High Class

My boyfriend really liked my girl penguin and wanted one of his own. Only for some reason it had to be a high class penguin with a monocle and top hat. This pictures are not too good because I had bad lighting, oh well. And now, I introduce Monop.

I love him! Haha!
I need to start working on some older projects that I have yet to finish! The car for my grandpa and my table runner. Back to basics with my cross-stitching!

I have a lot to do this week! Taking my car in for a brake check, last day of my second job *HALLEJUAH!!* And just work in general. Since I was sick this weekend I can't believe the work week started again tomorrow! We will see how much time I have for crafting!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh, glorious felt!

I finally have quite a nice collection of felt to make my softies!

Isn't that just a wonderful 'lil rainbow!!?

My mom bought me this book for my birthday:

I LOVED the racoon! So here she is-Macchiato. I named her because she has huge googly eyes, that wiggle around like she drank caffine. She also reminds me of a coffee cup!

My neighboor whom I used to babysit came over. He is a great guitar player. I was doodling and came up with this:

Isn't it adorable!? It's a guitar pick holder! I embroidered "Fender" on the back of it because I guess that is a popular brand of picks? I was planning on making it a keychain but didn't have time!

Alright, remember the snail I made? Well, my sister loves turtles and wanted one eating a kiwi! haha I finished the kiwi but forgot to take a picture! And i still have to make the turtle.

Mom got me a bunch of thread, needles, new fancy scissors and all kinds of stuff including this little kit! I have seen all over the blogs and now I own it!

Friday, April 11, 2008


My mom got me a bunch of new crafting stuff! A felt softie kit and a new embroidery book! I have new thread, new scissors, embroidery floss, felt, beeswax! I am soo excited to craft and I love getting new stuff! hehehe! NEW PROJECTS COMING SOON!

PS. THe color of my blog looks REALLY green on this computer and it's not supposed to look like that! It's supposed to be seafoam, dang it. Does it look really green on your computer?

Monday, April 7, 2008

the trail of slime...

There is a story behind my latest project! It's a good one because I love snails! However, they were mean to me! I have been into planting lately and I decided to plant some peppers and a watermelon. My first attempt at watermelon did not work because they seeds were bad and nothing happened after a couple of weeks! So I bought a plant at WalMart for like 3bucks. I planted it out in the ground and watered it and it was doing great! The next morning I came outside to check on my plants and one of the stems had been eaten and there were snail trails of slime everywhere!!!! So I made a mini-fence for the remaining stem out of a milk carton. I put it over the stem and came out the next day and even with the fence the snails got to my plant. :( I was soooo sad and angry because at least I didn't use snail bait! Can't a girl get some snail respect!?

So here it my project made out of felt!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a little penguin

I was inspired by they made a little penguin. Thus I made one and of course I had to make it a girl.
She is made all out of felt, stuffed and hand sewn (like everything I make!)

Yay. it makes me onto the card i need to make for a co-worker! I have my joint b-day party with her at work tomorrow! woo hoo!