Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here's to the new things! Cheers!

I have had one amazing weekend. Nothing that exciting happened I was just completely at peace with the world. I am rested, and sincerely happy.

My boyfriend suprised me with a .25 carat diamond necklace for my 23rd birthday!

I also bought a new bettafish and named him Fitzwilliam after Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice. (yeah, that's another obsession of mine!)
Here he is:

Back to why I really made this blog to show off my cool projects!
First is a pin cushion that I found on that girl makes some cool stuff! So here is my spin on it:
The pin cushion is all felt and the flowers were cut with a die-cut machine so it was pretty easy! I also bought some cute colors straight pins to put in it! :) I am such a nerd.

Here is a non-sewing related project I made for my room! They are huge die-cut letters. They are made from scrapbook paper and of course some glitter! I put them up with a tiny nail over my closet. I love them! And it was time for my sorority paddles to come down anyways....

Those were my projects for now! Next I am going to be making some save the date cards for a bachelorette party and they are going to be cute!!!

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Ashley said...

that fish is REALLY pretty now that I see it up close. No wonder he's named after Mr. Darcy :)