Friday, February 29, 2008

The rest!

This is a current unfinished project, but I am working very hard on finishing it by the end of march. It is an antique Alpha Romeo 1932 1150. It is for my grandpa! My grandma meant to do this project but said she has had the pattern for years and is never going to do it! So she gave it to me. It's only one stitch, I am trying to make it as antique as possible, but it's hard even with the pattern on the fabric!!

Another unfinished project is a table runner with cross-stitch. This is my take on a pattern I found in a magazine. I guess I just used the flower design and then made it a border for a long table runner. In the magazine it was all in black and it was a border for al little square...I think I love this way to much! Can't wait til I have time to finish it, only one long side left.

Here are more various little projects I have completed but not really done anything with:

This was my first attempt at punch needle stitching. Not sure I like it all that much. I find it very hard to get the stitches uniform. Ugh. I will try again later!

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Rachel said...

this stuff is so cute, if I get pregnant again I'll have to hire you to make me a baby blanket