Tuesday, June 10, 2008

mmm mexican!

I am obsessed with Mexican food! I have been eating it all the time. I guess it's good that I eat all I can now while I live soo close to Mexico. Sometimes I forget that I live in the U.S. because we are soo close. Then I remember how lucky we are that we don't have dirt streets, painted donkeys and sad chicklet kids everywhere!

In other news, I have started a new job and I had training this past weekend. I really enjoy my new summer job. It is a good change of pace! We made all kinds of science experiments, crafts and stuff. I colored everything over the top of course! I can't post pictures because my company may not want me to post all their projects!!

I have the next two weeks off!! I don't start work until July! So, let's hope I get some crafting done in my time off.

I only have about 2 months left in San Diego! I need to get out and do things! This Friday, Disneyland here I come!


Ashley said...

alright...we can try to plan disneyland for another day in august then :) Don't worry! Did you get my text about monday and dressing up and getting ice cream? That won't be too expensive!

Love, ash

Ashley said...

what if I come pick you up on monday? No really...I want you to come!! And then I can drop you off Tuesday afternoon because I'll be working Tuesday at 2. I totally don't mind!!

Let me know :)