Friday, June 6, 2008

Burned tongue

Ouch! I am used to having luke warm coffee in the morning. But, since I have offically resigned from my job in Fallbrook I am drinking my coffee earlier than usual. I loved my job dearly and it was hard to leave these ladies:
I made them some cute going away gifts for their desks!

They are pens! They are very easy to make! Buy a pack of any black pens, fake flowers, floral tape, pots, styrofoam, "moss", and paint! You may also need a hot glue gun depending on the moss and flowers you use! But they were soo fun to make and the ladies each got one! According to their favorite color of course.

I will miss them and my job! Going to graduate school is a good thing for me though! I got my official letter of acceptance yesterday! Crazy!

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Ashley said...

they are cute, rach!

Yay for Miss. Smartie Pants Rachel going to grad school!