Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Singing a-long

I used to dread my midterms. Well, I take that back, I still do. I just am not as concerned about my grades because I am actually prepared for these tests. If I don't do well, I truly feel that there was not much more I could physically or metally do! :) And that makes me feel good. So far I have three grades back, A, A and a B+ (that came with a great comment, I am extremely close to an A and will have one soon!)Sweet!

I turned in a 20 page essay this morning. I have a presentation tonight. And another test Thursday. Next week I have another presentation and another test. Days go by fast these days, and I finally getting a hang of things. I am content.

It might also be the music I just bought! Keane's New Album-Perfect Symmetry:

It makes me relaxed, happy, and loving life. Crazy what can music do. It's proven by numerous studies that music can change your mood. Think about a movie with sad music, it makes you sad. A movie with intense music like in James Bond gets your blood rushing. Right now I am listening to relaxing, nice, happy music...thus I feel that way. Bring it on world.

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Ashley said...

And certain lines said by Daniel Craig in James Bond also gets your blood rushing :)

Yay for A's!!! You're kicking ass and I am proud of you!