Friday, October 31, 2008


My mom got in a bad car accident this morning. A girl came around a corner, fish tailed, went across the median, (a concrete median with plants in it!) and hit my mom! Then fished tailed again and hit my mom again! Both cars ended up in the opposite direction of traffic due to spinning around like a top!!!! Soo my mom's car has a ton of damage and the other girls car is totalled. Lord. At least they are both safe. My cousin also totaled his car up in the mountains today. Not such a grand Halloween!

Anyways, I needed to do some baking. I found a recipe for these:

Little preztel sticks with a fruit roll up on the bottom and covered in white chocolate! They are yummy and oh soo festive! I made lots of them for hanging out this evening!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Drive safe!!!

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Ashley said...

Oh no! Tell your mom I hope she feels better (since auto accidents still shake you up, even if you haven't been hurt).