Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vintage Valentine

I am home from vacation and got in the Spring Semester cleaning mood. I figure I have to get clean now, before my life gets crazy again.

I just got all my Christmas stuff put away. I also had a big pile of crafting materials on my bed. I got up on my bed to put up Valentine dectorations and, BAM! crafting things went tumbling onto the floor. Here is the picture of the damage:
I had bought this container to keep all my sead beads seperated. Well I tried to shove that gigantic button into one of the containers. Thus the container didn't close all the way, and when it fell off my bed...the sead beds flew all over my just vacuumed floor. Typical. Oh well, as OCD as I am it would be a waste of my time to sort them. :(

Here are some of my valentine decorations I just put up in my room. I used the same ones as last year, I just hung them differently!

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Ashley said...

awww...I miss your decorations!!