Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

I rang in the new year with quite a party! First time I have ever spent New Years with close friends and my boyfriend. I could not have had a better time! Thank you for making 2008 end and 2009 begin with such a great time!

Break is just flying by! I am seeing a lot of friends while in San Diego. I have 7 days left before I leave. The thought makes me sad so, I won't think about it anymore. :) Avoidance. Yay!

I have been crafting! I don't have pictures at the moment, but will get some soon! I am finishing a project I started a long time ago. My finger actually has a blister from stitching too much! I tried to use a thimble but I just end up using another finger and I end up switching the thimble a bunch of times then give up and deal with crafting injuries. haha. :) It's the perfect project to work on while watching movies or chatting. All one color of thread over and over again. Cannot wait until it's done!

Pictures soon! Hope everyone enjoyed their New Year!


Ashley said...

This picture is on my blog right now also...yay.

New Year's with a blast!!! I have a 150 pages left of Breaking Dawn, Rach. So I think I will finish it before you we can discuss in person :) hehe.

Ashley said...

yeah...ali says this guy has a song on itunes called "stronger than"...I'm not sure what his name is yet? I have to check it out...I kinda love him!

Ashley said...

oh, his name is gabe bondoc.

Ali and I were being bums on the internet and found him...glad we did :)

Ashley said...

ok forget my last two comments...I went to ali's facebook and realized that you knew all of this already. haha.