Thursday, February 5, 2009

Burned out.

It is only the first week of February. I am exhausted. I am working out more, eating better but sleeping less, and doing way too much homework. I had great plan for my homework this weekend, however more homework than expected popped up, great. This time it wasn't me procrastinating either. Ugh.

As a result, I have to make sacrifices. I cannot start any more projects, like more coffee monsters or finish the car for my grandpa. *sigh* I can't even read my vampire books. It's been so long I don't even remember what the 3rd book is about. Great.

In other news because I cannot craft I found this on the blog linked: Things He's Seen, which is from yet another website. That's not the point. The point is I like this video. Why? Well because I was talking with my friend Akalina about life today. I feel that we should be asking ourselves this question everyday. :) I think I do, which is why I think I have been so happy lately. Despite not being able to craft as much, I am still accomplishing more in a day than I ever thought I would. *pats self on back*

Watch it, and tell me what your answer would be!

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

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Ashley said...

Cute video.

I think my wish for everyday is to have a few laughs and genuine go further, I wish to make someone else smile each day.

Today, my goal is to be as lazy as possible. haha. Go Saturday!!

It's good that you are finding out when you have to say no to somethings because you are so busy!! It shows me a matured Rachel from the sorority who used to take on WAY too much all at once!