Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lord of the Flies

No, not like the book! My Dad! I have dubbed him as the offical, "Lord of the Flies." And by flies I mean fly fishing flies. Father's Day is coming up in June and I knew exactly what to make my Dad!

I read a book to the kids at work. It is called The Three Wishes, and is about a Cat and a Pig that do not get along. A cow fairy comes and gives them 3 wishes. The cat and the pig wish horrible things on each other!! The cat wishes a big ugly fish to sit on the pigs lap.

Here is the fish! I love the underbite, and the way it's shaped. It has soo much character. The floaty thing was my attempt to tie a fly of felt. ha!

Happy Father's Day DAD! And your flies are super cool :)

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