Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let the countdowns begin!

1st countdown= 20 days until Twilight premires in theaters. I love the Twilight series. I have not yet read the 4th book. *shh don't tell me what happens!* In celebration and in regards to stealing my sister's awesome ideas, here is my latest project: My sister is amazing at coming up with t-shirt designs, painting etc. I am not to slogan savvy and needed an easier way out!
1. I found a saying I enjoyed on the internet
2. Typed it into Microsoft Word and font I thought was cool!
3. I printed out my saying and cut it up.
4. I put graphite the back of the paper by rubbing a pencil across, hard.
5. Place your print with the graphite side touching the t-shirt and printed side up and trace over the letters with a pen.
6. Lift the picture and your design should be transferred onto the t-shirt! (works better with white or grey, black is hard to see!)
7. I then used puffy-paints and painted (with a brush) onto the t-shirt. Takes a couple of layers for it to stand out!(i used a brush because the puffy-paint bottles are hard to control!)
8. Let dry over night and then wear your awesome, new, one-of-a-kind t-shirt!

It is not nearly done yet, but I liked the look of "Edward Cullen" all alone, looks ominous, doesn't it? I have a ton of school projects this week. After thursday I will hopefully have more time to spend on finishing this shirt and my cross-stitching!

2nd countdown= 46 days until my first semester of graduate school is over and my 5 week winter break begins!

3rd countdown= 59 days until New Year's Eve and 11 days in beautiful San Diego!

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Ashley said...

Ok, so I need to read this Twilight Series everyone is DYING over!

And YAAAAAAAAY for you coming to SD!!!!!!!! :)