Monday, April 7, 2008

the trail of slime...

There is a story behind my latest project! It's a good one because I love snails! However, they were mean to me! I have been into planting lately and I decided to plant some peppers and a watermelon. My first attempt at watermelon did not work because they seeds were bad and nothing happened after a couple of weeks! So I bought a plant at WalMart for like 3bucks. I planted it out in the ground and watered it and it was doing great! The next morning I came outside to check on my plants and one of the stems had been eaten and there were snail trails of slime everywhere!!!! So I made a mini-fence for the remaining stem out of a milk carton. I put it over the stem and came out the next day and even with the fence the snails got to my plant. :( I was soooo sad and angry because at least I didn't use snail bait! Can't a girl get some snail respect!?

So here it my project made out of felt!


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Ashley said...

hahaha...that's great :)