Tuesday, April 15, 2008

oh, glorious felt!

I finally have quite a nice collection of felt to make my softies!

Isn't that just a wonderful 'lil rainbow!!?

My mom bought me this book for my birthday:

I LOVED the racoon! So here she is-Macchiato. I named her because she has huge googly eyes, that wiggle around like she drank caffine. She also reminds me of a coffee cup!

My neighboor whom I used to babysit came over. He is a great guitar player. I was doodling and came up with this:

Isn't it adorable!? It's a guitar pick holder! I embroidered "Fender" on the back of it because I guess that is a popular brand of picks? I was planning on making it a keychain but didn't have time!

Alright, remember the snail I made? Well, my sister loves turtles and wanted one eating a kiwi! haha I finished the kiwi but forgot to take a picture! And i still have to make the turtle.

Mom got me a bunch of thread, needles, new fancy scissors and all kinds of stuff including this little kit! I have seen all over the blogs and now I own it!


scarlettholly said...

i am so jealous - i really want that book and kit! yr mum is the best for getting them for you!!

Crafty Coug said...

Can we do a swap? I want a caffeine charged owl!!! And I heard you want pictures of the hedgie... And maybe the other projects I worked on at G&G's. All in good time. I mean, SOON! Hopefully this weekend. It's supposed to be disgusting here and I'm not busy otherwise.

Crafty Coug said...

Er... I just noticed it's a raccoon, not an owl... Either way :) Still want one.