Thursday, April 24, 2008

Craft update:

I am still working hard on my next project. It's looking super cute! I took someone's design and changed the theme from winter to spring! I am loving it, but still can't decided if I love it enough to continue the work. And I need some light blue sky colored felt. How I don't have that color I don't know? So, I am at a little road block in my project. Maybe to much work for today?
I'm a little burned out from life in general right now. Grad school letters have really been getting me down lately and I had a long icky week at work. I am trying to keep my spirits up by doing things I enjoy. I am soo happy it's the weekend, I really needed a break.


Ashley said...

hope you had fun with Urinetown :) haha

...cause you're in URINETOWN!

Thomas said...

How did the weekend turn out?