Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watch out for sleeping piranhas!

To say the very least, I had an awful day at work today. Probably the most difficult parent I have dealt with thus far! However, I handled it and I'm moving on. I had to find a way to forget about my day, so naturally I started crafting. I read a book today to my students that had a funny looking fish with an underbite. I looked up fish with underbite on google. Found a picture of a funny fish I liked and here he is:

It is 10:30pm. Took me about an hour to get it done. I need to put a backing on him and make him a pin so I can wear him to work! I absolutely love it! And if this came out of my bad day at work then I am okay with that. This fish makes me smile, ear to ear.


Ashley said...

hehehe...I love him! Sorry about the bad day, rach. I feel like my weeks have been kinda bad!! But that will turn around soon :)

Ashley said...

oh, and I have a request when you have the time to make it, haha...

guess what I want :)