Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

My first semester of graduate school is over. *sigh of relief* I made it. So far, 2 A's one in clinic and one in language disorders!! I awaiting the rest of my grades, they have to be official! Cross your fingers for me on Dec. 23rd when the rest of the grade come in.

Now that I have been done with school for a few days, let the crafting begin!!! My dad laughed at me and said, "School's only been out for a day and you already have the embroidery thread out!?" I said, "heck yes I do! It's vacation!" New pictures are here:
My stitching mess that has taken over my bedroom floor! Whoops!
pretty new threads....

my extremely organized thread...I have a slight OCD when it comes to my stitching..

the progress up close and personal

The final result, Santa in his sleigh!

I have a book of these Christmas patterns. I stitch them on plastic material, back them with felt, attach a string, and hang them on the tree! I made some two years ago (i can't believe it was that long ago) Anyways, I hope to make some every year until I have a whole collection!


raven said...

I tried to do this last year too,but fail...
it's nice~really

Ashley said...

I don't think your OCD is just with threads, Rach.

haha, kidding. Great job on the grades :)