Wednesday, December 3, 2008

14 days

I should either be asleep, or working on an essay right now. I am longly staring at my crafts wishing I could dig in. However, due to present circumstances I must wait 14 days until finals are over!!!

Wish me luck I need it! A client of mine gave me a beautiful paper snowflake. I told her I would hang it in my room. She then promptly asked me, "where is your room and bed to sleep in at school?" :) Kids are cute. I told her I go home too, and she looked shocked! "well then," she said, "I guess you will have to turn off the lights, take it off the wall, bring it home, and hang it in your window." I told her that was a fine idea. I am going to miss my clients, only two days left.

I will post pictures of my latest craft project for school over the weekend when I am not soo exhausted. Good day!

Artista Muvek has the most adorable drawings...I look almost everyday.

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Ashley said...

Good Luck Pug Angel!! Again I say DURO MAS, MUCHO MAS and send you off with a wink.

You will kick ass!!!