Saturday, May 17, 2008

Despite the craziness,

I have been crafting.
A few of my sorority sisters are graduating next week. During our graduation we wear sorority "stoles" or sashes representing the Greek letters and sorority colors. For pride sake. :) I think it's awesome! I loved wearing mine. I should have made my own!! I paid 50+ dollars for mine and the girls have only paid 4 bucks for materials! I enjoy doing it! quite the challenge for the first one! It's made of satin and i stitched it together then hot glued the ribbon edging. i will post another picture of the finished project.

the picture above is me probably trying to iron the ribbon in half!! haha. yay ashley...and btw i had been out in the sun at the pool all day... pretty icky picture! ahah more to come later.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

it's a cute picture, actually!

YAY for helping me make my stole! You are amazing!!!