Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!

Yep, I know Mother's Day is not until this weekend. However! I did not think I would get this done in time and I don't think it would ship in enough time either! So here it is!

I saw the girl on an antique redwork pattern online. It reminded me of my mom when she was little! Especially since the girl was wearing mary-janes and my mom had red ones!!! It was originally a winter theme. I thought I would turn it into a more of a spring pattern! I love it, but it needs something else. A bumble bee? A quote? I am not sure!

Mom, what do you think!? Happy Mom's Day I love you lots! Thanks for always being there for me through everything and being my best friend! XOXO!
PS. Here are some other pictures of it in the making!

It is done on a full sheet of blue felt, with layered felt, then sewn with embroidery floss. It took quite a while for all the cutting and sewing but it was FUN!

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