Monday, May 12, 2008

taking a break from crafting, wish it was the other way around.

Although I am still on my break from crafting this week I needed to update my blog. Totaly change in plans, I guess my summer isn't going to be as insane with school as I previously thought. Which is good and bad.

Good because I will have more time to enjoy my summer crafting, being with friends, going to the beach. And more time to do homework! Afterall I do feel like I could use a bit of a break. This past year has been crazy!
Bad in that it is now going to take me longer to get my credentials. I think? Since I am not on "track" to start everything this summer it may take some extra hard work or extra time to get it all done. Maybe it's better this way?

I really could use a really big vacation where I just craft, and sit by the pool with a big margarita. Oh, and make buckets of money while doing it.



Rachel said...

Good for you on going back to school!

Ashley said...

I wish we could go to Europe together...we should start a business with your crafty projects, then maybe we'll be rich enough to do so :)