Sunday, November 30, 2008

Study Break!

Well, I really shouldn't need a break. Seeing as how I have only studied for two hours all weekend. ha! Regardless, I finished one study session, the girls just left and we got a lot done! I am taking a little break and then moving on to write my reports. Promise.

Thanksgiving weekend has been great! I am so sad it has to end and finals have to begin. At least it is officially Christmas Season! I will be listening to Christmas music non-stop from here on out. For now here are some pictures of my weekend. Enjoy!
The sister and I at thanksgiving dinner.

Crafty cousins: Autumn and Winter..oh the things we do at family gatherings.

We went to Villa Montalvo and wandered around...

There are beautiful statues! Here is Zachary with the sphyinx

Communicative Disorders Tree: I helped my client's make an ornament for the tree! #342. It took a while to find it!

My boyfriend by the monsters inc tree! Such cute creative tree decorating ideas.

Zach and I went to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk....

and the municipal wharf

there were a ton of sea lions! so cute, and loud!!

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