Friday, November 21, 2008

And the lion fell in love with the lamb. Stupid Lamb.

My sister and I went to the midnight showing of Twilight last night. I have read all four books and loved every single one of them. The books are purely romantic, science fiction and action all in one. Due to the fact I loved the books so much I really did not get my hopes up for the movie. Books to me will never be the same as movies. People need to figure that out! They are two different mediums of art. (this is a whole different rant..) So, I went under the pretense that I would go and hopefully see something entertaining.

A nice guy gave us seats so we could sit together! Yay!

Regardless, I thought the movie was great! I want to see it over and over again. Talk about man candy, Robert Pattinson!! *fans self* Even if you think the stories and the movie were crap, you cannot deny the fact that Rob Pattinson is dreamy to say the very least.

Good things:
-Great cast! All the vampires were how I pictured them in the book!
-Rob Pattinson (duh, his face, his clothes, his voice etc.... *swoon*)
-The scenery was beautiful, rainy, moist, forest, beach and even the houses.
-The soundtrack, a mix of classical and alt. rock.
-I really didn't like Bella in the previews. However, after watching the movie I don't think they could have picked anyone else! She was great.
-The baseball scene was awesome and I hate baseball.
-It was entertaining. Even though I knew what happened I was still on the edge of my seat wanting more.
-It's a classic romantic movie!
-The ending alone beautiful.

Bad things:
-special effects were a bit weird. The running was fine, but some of it was cheesy and could have been done much better.
-it was a bit darker mood than the books, not as much back and forth between Bella and Edward, not as cutesy I guess.
-It was too short! They had to mush a lot of the book together, which kinda made the attraction seem less intense.
-Much of the movie felt a bit rushed. I guess I would have to ask someone who hasn't read the books for their opinion.

So bottom line, don't go into this movie expecting something crazy out of the ordinary. It's meant to be a beautiful love story that keeps you entertained. I loved the movie and had a ton of fun. Edward Cullen should be the model that every man follows, the world would be filled with chivalry and romance. ;) haha.

Here are some pictures of the evening:
My sister has the coolest ideas. Her twilight shirt front= "Team Edward" and the back "Bite me" she did it all herself! The lips are my favorite!

The cover of breaking dawn has chess pieces...we found some to play with!

King and Queen were made for each other *smooch*

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