Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rose Colored lenses?

Well, it looks as if I am wearing red contacts or something anyway. I have a wonderful case of pink eye to go along with my sinus infection. I am patiently waiting for the pharmacy to call me so I can pick up my medication. Which is taking forever. *sigh* I just want to get better. I am getting bored. I shouldn't be bored. The laundry list of things I have to finish before finals is quite scary looking.

Yet, I somehow managed to read the last Twilight book- Breaking Dawn in less than 3 days. It's around 760 pages and amazing. I also finished my Halloween pumpkin cross-stitch. I was so excited that my project is glow in the dark, I had to show everyone. In the process he got lost somewhere in my house. ha. I also began working on my long lost table runner from two years ago! :) It's almost done. I will post pictures soon!

I need to study for my Reserach exam tomorrow! I am having trouble though, it is the last exam of the semester. I have also heard it is impossible to study for and to just not worry about it. All that is left after this are projects, which is good and bad for various reasons. So I need to find some motivation today to get some studying done. I don't want to be totally clueless, however I am finding that not feeling very good makes focusing difficult. Oh well!

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