Monday, November 24, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Thanksgiving is coming! I have a few random pictures to share. First, I got this today at my clinic: It's a name tag! For some reason, this little name tag made everything more real. haha. I mean I have been in school for the past 15 weeks but this little tag has my name engraved it's real!! haha
Second: This is a picture of the decorations I put up in my bedroom. That big blue wall was boring, soo I added some snowflakes to liven it up! I also have some window stickers on my floor to ceiling mirrors! Winterwonderland! Complete with peppermint vanilla scent (yay for the candle warmer! safe and smells good)

Lastly: This little bugger has been totally making me procrastinate!! Watch him for yourself.
He runs back and forth across the street all day, everyday. He lives across the street. He comes bounding to our oak tree and gathers the acorns and then he bounds back across the street again. Only to repeat the pattern about every three minutes! It is soo amusing to watch, but keeps me from doing my homework! I need to give him a name....ideas?


Akalina said...

Yay Thanksgiving time and decorations :) Cute!!!

PS- You should call the little guy "Pouncy"

Crafty Coug said...

Come visit me! We will have real snow soon :) They're making snow at my ski area, but it hasn't snowed (for real) much yet. Also, I really like the reflection pattern the pictures make on the opposite wall... What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? I heard Grandma isn't cooking? Hope you all enjoy it! I miss you - <3D

Ashley said...

You LOVE decorations...when I see decorations I think of you :)

About the squirrel. Maybe something silly like Mr. Butters or Chunky? Or Mr. Peabody? hehe...I don't know.

Sadly, I think Stanley is finally dying. He's still kicking but the end is near :(